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About Amelia Rose Mapstone

I'm Amelia - astrologer, writer, and Catholic mystic.

Childhood was spent lovingly developing my Faith, through triumphs and turmoil. As a young adult, I've been practicing astrology and omnist spirituality for three years.
In those same three years, I completed a Bachelor's Degree, studying creative writing, religion, psychology, and the seemingly impossible human condition.
Enabling me to hurt and heal at powerful capacities, I'm an Aquarius Sun/Leo Earth, Empath, and Reiki Practitioner.

Currently, I'm working on a New Adult SciFi/Fantasy novel (heavily inspired by Cosmic Love), while offering astrological counseling and Reiki healing services.

My goal is to create and share lights of Love and pieces of Peace with Everyone.
What does this mean?
Well -- what does it mean to YOU?
What makes your body embrace Health, your heart sing, your mind relax, your soul ignite with Love? To help you discover this state of Being, I translate celestial energies into poetic horoscopes using Western astrology. As humans, it's our duty to create Meaning from what seems like nothing, and to co-create Miracles with God.
It's not just about sharing Truth through new perspectives -- it's about finding and revealing your own personal and cosmic Truth, so that we may heal and live to our fullest potential TOGETHER.
Love and Free Will, homies.

Thank you so, so, so much. xo
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