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Gets you the podcast a whole day early (spend your Sunday nights with Kay and Nate)

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3. Reddit Roundup With RealKayDubs (you'll get all of our research for the weeks podcast including the stuff that didn't make it onto the podcast)

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1. All of Level 1 and 2 (How's that for a bargain!)

2. Mini-Episode Released Once A Week (An extra 20 minutes of Nate and Kay to help get you through your week)

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About Around the Box Podcast

Welcome to the Around the Box Patreon! Each week, we try to bring you the best news, updates, and people from the functional fitness world. This podcast will always remain free, but the extra financial support means that we can invest in better audio equipment, better content, and spend more time working on this podcast. Not only that, but subscribing also means you get more awesome content each week! We can also almost 100% guarantee that your Fran time will improve by at least a minute. Thanks in advance and WOD on!
-Kay and Nate
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When we reach $500 per month, Kay will do 500 wallballs for time and livestream it for all to witness. It will be epic, but in all honesty, she's mostly banking on the fact that we will never arrive at this number. Prove her wrong.
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