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is creating A Music and Arts Venue for the San Jose area.

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The history of the SLG Art Boutiki is one of a series of pivots and happy accidents. SLG Publishing as a comic book publisher was started on almost a whim, with no idea that it would last more than a year, three decades later SLG still publishes new comics and creators, although not as many as we used to, and has now devoted itself to a new pursuit of running a music and arts space in San Jose, CA.

Hosting live music, much like publishing comics, was something that came upon us accidentally, just something we did to make a little extra money in unused space. Nine years later, the SLG Art Boutiki is considered to be the best small music venue in the South Bay and perhaps one of the better venues of its size in the entire SF Bay Area. The additional plus o fbeing an all-ages venue with a comic shop in the front makes us perhaps one of the most unique spaces anywhere. As it was with comics, we jumped into doing something and found we were actually quite good at it.

The publishing company and the music venue have something in common; both are family businesses. Most of the people who work at Art Boutiki are either in my family or in our extended family. What we do is a labor of love and something we feel is needed in our area.

There are a number of expenses on a monthly basis which go along with running a full-time business, be it comics, music venue, art gallery, or what-have-you. So we will be using the money contributed here to help pay rent, utilities and payroll for our small company so that we can continue to invest our time and energy into introducing the world to new talent, be they comic artists, musicians or fine artists.

In addition to funding our publishing activities, getting funding through Patreon will allow us to add additional staff to help run APE, The Alternative Press Expo, in future years.
$1,583.25 of $6,000 per month
For this amount we will cover a portion of the rent and utilities at Art Boutiki. Going forward in time we would like to be able to continue to program the venue to feature local artists and musicians, covering the very large amount of overhead not made up for in sales through this would be a huge help.
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