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Hello we are Art by heart Bangkok.
My name is Sign. I am a founder of Art by heart Bangkok
who is product designer and work as art therapist for 5 years until now.
i use to work in Psychiatric Hospital for 3 years as art therapist.
i create a Art studio for teaching children and their parents in Thailand for 1 year
to spread knowledge what art therapy is and how they can do art for their better life.
2016 i design a subject "Free Play" and  1 school 1 therapist in thailand
2018 some kindergarten in thai ask me to design free play to balance their kid in their school 

this year i have a plan to teach everyone who interesting in art.
included Blinds people in concept
We want to equalize the right of art appreciation, levelling the experience of
the blinds and none, through non visual senses.
If Art can be expressed and appreciated from non-visual senses,
the blinds will have one more career they can consider adopting: an artist, a designer.

Our team came together with different skills but one aim,
to bring together the art world of the blinds and the non-blinds,
to let them be good friend and
connecting through a levelled experience in creating art pieces
with creative process and innovation art tool for help them create art easier.

from this project i design a colour set kit for blinds to help them know which colour they want to paint by smell too.

$0 of $5,000 per month
create workshop for research and develop product
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