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I'm Ollie, I was a professional artist for 10 years.
I was featured in galleries in Ireland, France and the UK. 
And then I gave it all up.

I had enough, I was painting not because I was enjoying it but because I had to fulfil demands of various galleries. Painting all the same stuff all the time and not being able to re-invent, research, try new things. I'd essentially trapped myself into one style of work and became afraid and unable to experiment with new work. When I tried to branch into wave/surf art I was told not to by two galleries or they would drop me as an artist.

The art world is deeply unfair with artists are forced to rely on commercial outlet galleries and spot exhibitions to get any promotion and a chance to sell their work. Even when a gallery treats an artist well (and that rarely happens), artist still have to chase them for whatever payments.
Speaking of which, most galleries take 60% of the sale of an artist's painting. Add taxes and expenses and an artist realistically only get 20% of the sale of a painting.

So I stopped it all. 

Why Patreon
Essentially, Patreon will allow me to experiment with new work, work I care about. With support I don't have to worry about creating only one type of work. I can have fun with classical styles, cartoon, surf art or concept art. I can have fun again with my work.

A while back I started doing time-lapse videos of my current work on a youtube channel. I do one video a week and I'm planning on doing tutorial and how-to videos as well.

I cover various themes from Sci fi and fantasy ...

classical techniques... 

...various surf art,

...if there's a technique to study I want to learn it, document it and show other how to do it ...and not have to worry about selling the finished work.

 With your support, I can do this.

Supporters will get the chance to see new videos in advance, request specific tutorials on techniques and paintings, see in progress and exclusive info and photos. 

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