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About Aimee Pepper

The first 50 people to become patrons at ANY tier will get free art! I'll do your choice of: a mini portrait of you, a character of your choice, or something else your heart desires depending on what sort of complicated things your heart is into!

I'll be streaming all day Thursday 7/14 and Friday 7/15 to celebrate! Come join me at:

I've also added some art for purchase on Society6! Go check it out! <3


Hi guys! 
My name is Aimee Pepper, and I’m currently a freelance artist/designer living in the Bay Area. c:
The two driving forces in my life are to learn all that I can, and to make beautiful things with that knowledge. The past few years I feel like I haven't had to opportunity to do either of those things since I've had to focus on making enough money to get by. I'd love to have the chance to spend more time on improving my art and sharing the process and results of that with you!

Starting out, I’ll be doing live streams of my art process twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays at 5pm. (Be sure to stop by and watch at!) I would love to get enough support to make this what I do full time, as I love learning and exploring new techniques and ideas, and it'd be great to get to share that with you. Let’s learn together! :D

Patrons: For rewards like wallpapers, brushes, extra art and private stream links, turn on email notifications or check the Creator Posts section!
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The way to my heart is definitely through my stomach. This would help me get groceries! I paint better on a full stomach. Being a starving artist is not my jam. (But with this I could go buy some jam!)
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