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About Tuna

Woah! Hey! Thanks so much for coming to check out my Patreon page.
My name is Tuna. I'm an illustrator and comic artist in Vancouver, Canada! I love to draw cute stuff and eat good food!! I work full time as a freelance illustrator, but my goal is to live off my personal projects and do what I love most for you!

You may know my work via Instagram or Twitter.

You probably mostly know me for my illustration and product design, but I am also a comic illustrator! I've worked on projects such as low-fantasy graphic novel Good Spirits (2017) and sci-fi comedy Spacecase (2018). I am currently working on paranormal graphic novel Bea, Haunted, an unannounced fantasy trilogy, colouring for upcoming Ice Massacre, as well as ongoing contributions to many anthologies. I also recently took up autobiographical comics!

I've put together this Patreon to offer extra goodies to dedicated friends and fans. Your support allows me to purchase art supplies, produce new merchandise, and spend more time creating things for you!

I have multiple tiers to reward your contributions!

At the $1+ tier, You'll be granted access to behind-the-scenes content such as sketchbook flip-thrus (narrated), tutorials and guides, monthly audio podcast newsletters talking about what's going on in my life, and much more!!

For $5+ you'll receive a minimum of one digital download per month, ranging from printables, collections and comics, wallpapers, including access to many previous month's downloads.

Contributors of $10+ will be a part of my exclusive sticker club! Each month, you'll receive 2-4 themed vinyl stickers designed especially for Patrons, as well as a handwritten note from me! 

Super supporters, at the $50 pledge, have two options!
1. a commission of a character of your choice. Choice of medium up to me - watercolour, markers, or otherwise. Mailed to you with your stickers pack!
2. an art coaching session with me! Ask for critique, instruction, advice on social media, assistance in designing something, whatever you may need! Each pay period includes two 1 hour coaching sessions, arranged via voice-chat on discord.

Thanks a lot for coming by my page!! Looking forward to getting to know you o/

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At 200 patrons, we will bring back livestreams! One two hour livestream per month, exclusive to members of this community :)
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