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Hey! My name is Maciej Kuciara and I'm a concept artist working in the film and games industries. Over the past ten years, I've worked on titles such as Captain America: Civil War, Ghost in the Shell, Jupiter Ascending, and The Last of Us to name a few.

Art Cafe is podcast aimed to that shares experiences and knowledge of best artists around the world on how to live meaningful and successful life as an artist in entertainment industry.

You don't need student loan and art degree to work on your favorite Video Games and Films. I started this podcast for simple reason - I work on Hollywood films, I'm a college dropout and I learnt everything I know by talking and learning from artists online. My guests and me help to share our experiences and stories that made us who we are and take apart myths about what it takes to be an artist and make a living.

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By contributing to this Patreon, you help me to free up time and resources that are needed to make this thing happen. From hosting expenses to time commitment, this is my investment towards making this podcast alma mater for art community.

Outside of chipping in financially, subscribing to our YouTube channel will be very warmly welcomed and repaid in the form of more wesome Art Cafe podcast episode the larger our audience becomes.
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