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We're a small team of writers, historians and designers excited to make art history fun again. Our platform, arthistoryproject.com, hosts hundreds of short, easy-to-read essays about the heroic and tragic lives of great artists, intimate writings, passionate manifestos, and thousands of beautiful, high-resolution artworks in a timeline from the dawn of history until today.

We believe the stories of art history should be free, so we need your support to grow. Your contributions will help us recruit more writers and researchers, explore new mediums like video and print, and travel to the wonders of the world to document and share with you.

You have questions, we have answers! 

Q. Who are you?

A. Trivium is the brainchild of Reed Enger. Reed is an experience designer who's worked with everyone from NY ad agencies, to big finance, startups, and currently, Google.

Q. Is Trivium Legit?

A. Trivium was founded 6 years ago, as a humble classroom teaching tool. Now, with a new web platform and a library of thousands of artworks and hundreds of essays and rare historical writings, Trivium is used in a handful of accredited universities as a full textbook replacement. Thousands of art lovers around the world use Trivium as both an academic resource and a place to explore. We're pretty legit, and we're just getting better!

Q. Why are you doing this?

A. We love art history. We're major nerds about it. But like many academic disciplines, art history has been relegated to text books, distant museums and lists of names and dates. But the history of art is the history of human ambition! The wild and bloody stories of the world’s most transgressive people. Want to smooth-talk your way into wealth and power, redefine gender norms, or get away with murder? Art history is a guidebook for radical change, and we want to bring it online, free, for everyone.
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The first Centum! With 100 patrons on board, we'll be able to recruit contributors to help grow our library of artworks and writings grow. More great art every week!
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