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This group was opened to 5 lucky people. They received the cheapest coaching rates that will ever be made available.

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About Arthur Whitehead

Hey Dude!

I'm Arthur Whitehead, I run a 3D animation studio that focuses on producing high-quality advertising and media directed services. Besides my hands on work as a 3D specialist, I'm involved in private company consultations, privately coaching rising prodigies, as well as teaches to masses of keen minds through online courses and tutorials. It may come to surprise to you but I'm self-taught, I didn't even finish high school.

About a year ago started this page and decided to give back, now home to over 70+ project files and after tons of requests it now offers discounted private coaching too.

Private Coaching

Arthur, how did you get good at so fast?

While watching free videos online helps, all the top chess players, most skilled musicians and elite athletes had PERSONAL COACHES & TEACHERS that taught them skills that took them decades to learn which dramatically increased their learning curve.

Most people learn too slowly, that's the sad truth. They spend weeks, months, even years dabbling around in 3D with no clear goal and they end up being just average scraping by trying to find work and even if they do find work they have to compete with other average artists on under priced work.

I can't promise you success, but what I can do for you is show you what I did to get to where I am and help you get there faster. I have designed this coaching package to help you advance your skill set and cut years off your learning curve.

x3 Skype sessions per month (1-2 hours per session)

  • Private lessons such as:
    • Professional lighting techniques 
    • Scene optimization & rendering hacks
    • Optimal and efficient workflows
    • Live hands on help with projects
    • Personal project breakdowns
  • Business
    • Building a portfolio
    • How to find work
    • How to get clients to find you
  • Exercises
  • Bonus benefits:
    • Direct 1-On-1 Access to me via Text Message

I'm only taking on a select few for coaching if you're interested, there's still a few spots left. If you're interested message me, you'll be put through a screening process where we'll determine if you're in the right place to learn.

Project Files: What do you get?

Once you become a patreon, you'll get exclusive access to all released project files and content, depending on the tier you pledge to. Coaching is often full due to the amount of time I have in a day, but sometimes a space may open up so keep an eye out for that.

What tools do you need?

I work in Cinema 4D, render with Octane and do my post production in the Adobe Suite. I also tend to use several plugins such as HDR light studio and textures from I'll state in the description of each project which software was used to create the files. However, in my mind though some software make working easier, software does not dictate quality of work because all they are is tools. If you can take the fundamental lessons behind each scene, you can apply it in any scenario no matter the software.

Glad to have you on board if you decide to join! Let me know your thoughts on the projects, feedback helps me make them better.

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Thank you! Stay awesome!

Haven't seen my work before?

80 of 100 patrons
The more of you guys that sign up and engage the more motivated and eager I get to bring out more value that will help you guys on your own career paths.

Not just through project files but through, coaching, courses, tutorials, interviews and more.

Thanks guys for joining, I'm starting to see how giving you guys value is a benificial strategy because if the response you give.

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