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Who are we?
We are three friends who recently created a site called

Current state
At the moment we are supplying the Artifact community with one prized tournament every single night, which we personally fund. This is sustainable as it is, but the demand for tournaments is very high, so naturally, we want to expand.

Two things are currently holding us back. A handful of people from around the world to help us host new tournaments in different time zones and more funds to put in the new tournaments. It is fine for us to personally fund one tournament, but we can't afford to fund several more.

What can we do?
This is why we are looking to the community to help us reach a threshold where our work is financially sustainable, but without profiting as this is something we do because we love the game.

Our goals
We want to be very transparent about what we are doing so here is what we aim to do.

Our current spendings is $600 a month, so the first step is to cover this in funding. Then we can proceed to host an additional tournament every day. The next one will be in a time slot that fits North American players, as they suffer from us being EU based ourselves.

Hope you will help us grow, so we can cover the demand of the community.
Thanks for already being awesome.

The Artifact Arena Team
Scuden, Florin & Khaliffenstein
$0 of $600 per month
This is the amount we fund each month ourselves. When this amount is funded by patreons, we cen begin to expand and host North American tournaments.
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