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About Art Is Hard Podcast

The Art Is Hard Podcast focuses on two things when it comes to making great art: the "how" and the "why". Kiel Siler joins up with artists, musicians, filmmakers, writers, and all manners of creative folk to discuss the tools of the trade, the inspirations, and everything else that goes into making great art.

The Art Is Hard Podcast is on Patreon because as of right now the only financier of the podcast is Kiel himself. Hopefully, as fans of art and creativity we can offer you extras in exchange for supporting the podcast and listening in on a regular basis and make it so that Kiel is able to work on the podcast full time in order to bring you new and intriguing guests as well as guests that are well-known throughout the arts community. We'd also like to eventually make this a professional operation and production can be quite expensive, so any contributions you make will bring us closer to achieving a high level of production quality to make your experience with the Art Is Hard Podcast even better!

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