Brianna Rose

is creating Watercolor, Acrylic, Oil, Charcoal, Graphite, Mixed Media
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About Brianna Rose

Throughout my life, I fell in love with art—making, appreciating, teaching, critiquing—all of it. What I enjoy most about art though is the ability to tell an entire story in a single image. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a complicated process to do that, but there’s something wonderful about the deliberate placement of individual strokes, choosing a composition, symbolism and so much more that just comes naturally when you’re in love with your work. Calling what I do work is a far fetched statement even. I make art whether it will make me money or not. I make art because the process frees whatever is strangling my heart and mind. I make art because it makes me happy. But mostly, I make art because I’m called to do it.

Though I’ve always had a passion for art, I attained the dream of teaching my own classroom shortly before coming to my little home-away-from-home. High school showed me that there weren’t many opportunities for people like me to get involved in the community or even just within our school. It’s not like our art department competed against other schools every Friday night. Any competitions were scarcely publicized and you only really found out about them if you knew the right people. Art awards weren’t recognized at the pep assemblies or morning announcements like sports teams either so you can only imagine that our “big competitions” didn’t bring in the same crowd as Friday night football. Nonetheless, after 16 years I found my nook in the community, though, I realized there were a lot of other kids that hadn’t. As an art teacher, I want to provide my students with every opportunity to get involved and show their community that they too can do something beautiful with their talents.
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