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About Artist Zoë

Artist Zoë Terry

I am a female surrealist, and visual artist.   This page will be solely for my art, updates and previews to pieces I am working on, as well as some of my animation work.   

Primarily, I plan to fill this page with videos of my painting/drawing progress, including my Automatic Abstract ink art.

I am going to keep this simple and straight forward:  There is only 1 tier.  I am doing it this way so it is affordable to pretty much everyone, and you never have to wonder what you are missing at a higher tier.  The support I gain from my Patrons will allow me to create more content, which in turn allows you to see so much more!  Thank you! ^.^ 
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Every time I reach another 5 staying Patrons (5, 10, 15, so on)  I will do a live video, which will include real-time chatting.  You can use this opportunity to ask questions, give feedback, or just hang out while I create art! 
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