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  • Get access to every posts I share.
  • Privilege to view all my practices artwork.
  • Access to my best of art.
  • Early access to my next Artwork
  • Best art of mine with work in progress photos.
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About artjay

First of all, I appreciate your time visiting my page. so lets begin with

I'm Mark-Arjay Bonus, also known as "artjay," a young professional programmer who also creates Visual Arts such as but not limited to paintings, cartoons, comics, and sketches. My passion for arts has opened several doors for me to show off what I have got. I really love to draw and make artistic stuffs when i was little. my notebooks always have sketches of mine allover it. Drawing is something that i do when i want to use my free time, I was able to join in school contest so i will continue being creative and share my talent to others.
I see "Patreon" as a perfect venue for artlovers and art creators to interact with each other and collaborate with their ideas. In this website, artlovers are dubbed as patrons while art creators are dubbed as creators. This online platform offers great privileges for each of them.

For patrons, they can express their love and support to a creator by giving a certain dollar amount. This act of kindness will help the creator sustain his or her resources everytime he/she creates masterpieces. And in return, the patron will get a reward something that the creator could offer. A certain dollar amount corresponds to a specific set of reward.

For creators, they can now show off their greatest masterpieces that patrons would surely love and appreciate. Creators can gain support from each patron and earn dollars per month . As a reward to loyal patrons, creators have the discretion to limit some of their page content to patrons who give higher pledge. The more high-quality materials the creators post, the more patrons they would get.

Since I don't stick with only one style or technique, it's easy for me to create a variety of artworks. In the meantime, I focus on making comics, portraits, paintings and character designs and lots of stuffs. but i don't want my patrons to get confused on what to expect, so for now i'll be creating more colored portraits until i can eventually move to others.
  I have already finished one of my two possible entries for my page-- an ironman. I'm currently using colored pencils(non-polychromos yet) as my primary medium.

I would really love to exhibit more of my artworks in the future. Supporting me means you want to help me achieve my goals, so every dollar helps. Dollar is not the only option. you can also support me by sharing my masterpiece or recommending me to other patrons. Any kind of support will makes me happy and motivate me more to create my art.

Basic Tier 2 reward will always be there and after the card is processed of course. as a starter I'll be giving a random special rewards like raffles, voice over tutorial,Time Lapse video of artwork,(but can only be done in my spare time). I'll be more specific with my tiers as my goals being fulfilled. so you guys help me with that. Always remember that you're pledging to me because you like my masterpieces and appreciate the way it is. It's not like you pledge in exchange for reward or what so ever, because I wanna make sure that i can make more artworks than fulfilling the promised rewards. to see the reward just look at my tiers.

You'll be charged monthly every time i released an art, but don't worry you can set your monthly maximum amount, so you can control your budget. 

$0 of $500 per month
I want to buy a complete set colors of Polychromos and Luminance Colored Pencil along with some items like Electric Eraser, quality paper, paint brushes, paint tinner and more to use with my arts. The item is ideal for portrait I'm also planning to have my graphic tablet so i could show some of my skills with digital art. A Nice Video Cam. would help me improve my presentation of art with nice quality image.
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