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Your support means a lot to me!

Pledge only $2.00 or more per month and you'll get:
- First dibs on commissions, original artwork and items for sale

- Exclusive work in progress, photos and screenshots of my work

- Early access to my comic pages

- Unseen art

The Happy Rat
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Thank you - you're simply awesome!

For pledging $5.00 or more per month and you'll get:

- Rewards and benefits from Tip Crow tier

- Inside pages from my Sketchbook

- Welcome package contains small merchandise and thank you note by mail (such as mini-prints, stickers, postcards, etc)

- Step by step and walkthrough artwork creations

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Many many thanks - you made my day!

For pledging $10.00 or more per month and you'll get:

- All previous rewards

- High resolution versions of my works

- Package contains merchandise and thank you note by mail (such as A5 prints, bookmarks, mini-prints, stickers, postcards, etc) at least twice a year

- A monthly, free A4 sketch commission

- Occasional Tips and Tricks + Tutorials (leave the request in comments if you have any specific wish :))



About Eleweth

Thank you so much for visiting my Patreon page! 

My name is Markéta and I am a full-time freelance artist and illustrator from Czech Republic. My art specialization is fantasy, creatures, character design and illustrations created by 2D traditional and today´s advanced digital media. My traditional work is mostly specialized on Mixed media but I also enjoy working with just pencils, ink, watercolors, acrylics or oils! I also occasionally paint mugs, pints and feathers!

I am a creator of a graphic novel Salty Business, but I need your help to bring my project to life! Your pledge will help me to afford time I need for creating new pages.

Becoming a Patron will grant you access to my private doodles, concept arts, WIPs, Step by Steps, occasional Tips and Tricks,...! You'll also see my graphic novel develops! And last but not least you'll get first dibs on commissions, prints and original art for sale! 

Once the graphic novel is completed, all my Patreon supporters will have their names listed inside for everyone to see!

Thank you for all your support!

PS: You are under no obligation and you can cancel or alter your pledge amount at any time.

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When I reach $300 per month, I'll start special videos where I review and demonstrate various traditional art product every month.
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