is creating a web series mashup of Art, Science & History
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About Artrageous

I always felt that I had a gift for engaging people of all ages, teaching art & technology, and inspiring creativity through the use of multimedia. I get far too excited about the connections among art, history, science, and math.

I am passionate about discovering how culture effects artists and creatives. If we want to understand the artists, then we have to understand their cultural influences. This also helps us to relate and empathize better, and tears down walls of division.

After seeing and experiencing drastic funding cuts for the arts, I decided to combat this by starting Artrageous with Nate. What happens in the art room connects to everything outside of it, and I'm on a mission to show how that happens. The number one attribute employers want is innovation, so lets show how the arts are essential to meeting that demand.

Your support directly keeps Artrageous in production. I cannot do it without your financial and moral support! THANK YOU for being awesome, and lets get busy inspiring the next generation.
Here is an example of what I love to create:
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