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By just donating $1 a month you will be helping support our indie team and we thank you for supporting us !

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By donating $5 a month to us you will receive our "Support Rank" which entitles you to our "Support Rank" on Discord and a free goodies email each month which contains images and a thank you message 
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By donating $15 a month to us you will receive all of the previous ranks with extra including a "Moderator Rank" on Discord and additional goodies per email.




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Welcome to the ArtsFox patreon page, we're so glad you came across our page.

ArtsFox is a group created by myself and James Bruton back in 2011. While studying in college (I studied software development and James studied art) we decided to form ArtsFox to create content for everyone to enjoy.

6 years later its was decided to go professional and we are now looking to turn ArtsFox into a business.
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If we can achieve $300 per month in pledges, we'll be able to push out more monthly content for our games.
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