is creating copic, watercolor, acrylic, and pencil illustrations
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THANK YOU so much for becoming my Patreon! I will be sharing with you guys tips and tutorials on art stuff, along with exclusive WIPs
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About Meg

Hello! My name is Meg and I'm a young artist looking for a way to make a living doing what I love. I've been drawing for pretty much my whole life, and what brought me to patreon was the hope of making it my future. I also pay for all my supplies my self, and being a young teen its hard to earn money for nice quality supplies. I may be young, but I spend countless hours creating art for my followers on, instagram, and youtube. I'm really excited to get started here and get to know each one of my Patreons. Thank you all so much for the support throughout my art journey<3
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This goal is just to see if Patreon can really help me. If a miracle happens and we reach this, I would spend the money on things to organize my art corner and in result I will make a work station tour showing you my supplies and how I organize them!
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