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About Artsypencil

Hi! I'm Artsypencil. As an aspiring digital comicbook artist it's hard to make the time to study, work, and make art, so I'm getting my hopes up for Patreon.
I love everything Avatar, particularly Korra (and Asami) ^-^
With that said, please enjoy my stuff and feel free to leave feedback.
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and feel free to ask for the drafts and sketches of each of my ongoing comics :)
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You're now entitled to creative input!  Contact me with your ideas for a comic, and we can work together on it.

Plus all exclusive content :D
$108 of $300 per comic or a painting.
If by divine intervention and your incredibly appreciated support, I get to 300$ per comic, I'll treat Patreon as my full-time job to keep the dream going. 
This means more frequent content and to commemorate the occasion, I'll take as many requests from my backers as I can.
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