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Many warm fuzzy cyber hugs and SUPER THANKS for the words of encouragement and supporting my work and livelihood! 
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Mentorship is an email based lesson made specifically with your creative goals in mind!  

Custom Curated Lesson Includes

  • Explanation of the Lesson Topic
  • Photo and/or Video Examples
  • Supply List
  • Step by Step Lesson
  • Practice Assignment

One on One Mentor Session

  • Reflection Exercise & Personal Art Critique

Looking forward to watching you grow as an artist!

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About Art With Eva

I'm a painter, children's book illustrator, and award-winning production designer. I was formally educated at Illinois Central College and Academy of Art University in San Francisco, but I've been a student of the arts for the last 25 years. When my formal education ended, I was still hungry to learn more art! I discovered that for a while, educating myself was a little scary. I was uncertain of my progress without a teacher to guide and encourage me to keep moving forward! You can get on YouTube and learn from some really talented creatives, but it's difficult to find mentorship and this is what I provide.

Art Mentorship

Excellent for artists who like to experiment, are perhaps a bit shy with their work, and require a mentor who has an upbeat, yet honest, view of life and understands we all learn at our own pace!

My goal as your Art Mentor is to guide you towards achieving your art goals, thinking like an artist and becoming a technician of your chosen craft. I custom curate art lessons based on your personal art goals and learning needs. You can expect to work on projects that excite you. You must desire to progress as the unique artist you are. You must be open to focusing on your thoughts and emotions because that is the basis of expression. You must also be open to being honest with yourself and your art. Our discussions and the exercises should give you the tools to think like an artist. Your dedication to the projects we work on will give you the technical skills.

***Mentorship Includes***
Custom curated lessons delivered to you via email. Each lesson will include a short explanation of the topic or skill we are focusing on with photo and/or video examples, a list of supplies needed, a step by step lesson, and a practice assignment (the practice assignment isn't a requirement to move forward with the next lesson, but students who do the practice assignments generally make greater strides towards their goals than those who don't). You can work at your own pace while focusing on your desired goals!

Reflection exercises and a critique with me will give you the feedback you need to take you to the next level. You will have access to a one on one chat with me to ask questions and discuss your progress. Looking forward to hearing from you and discovering what visions you have to offer the world. Questions are always welcome.

Supplies are not included with the Mentorship.

Projects and lessons are tailored to your individual needs and creative goals. Unsure what you want to learn or create? Contact Eva to discuss some options.

Sign up for a Mentorship with me and step toward your creative goals!
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I will be able to afford the supplies and materials for my next set of works in the Fables of the Heart series! I'm so excited about this one as I am planning some tangible 3d pieces!
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