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About Ascari Husky
Hey everyone I am Ascari Husky. I'm a furry YouTuber and photographer who likes to give great advice, make people laugh, do fursuit interviews/collabs, and also enjoys taking pictures! I love entertaining people and making them laugh! I also like meeting new people and telling them what I wish someone would had told me when I first joined the fandom! Below I explain the kinds of videos I do and the kinds of photography I do.

My Photography
Now if you follow me on Instagram or one of my 2 Twitter accounts you know that I am a little bit of a photographer. At the moment I have a Nikon D3400 with a f3.5/5.4 18 to 55mm kit lenses and a f1.8 35mm fixed lenses. I do photography of cars, fursuits, landscape, and a lot more! Camera equipment is not cheap and getting to certain locations is not cheap as well. By supporting my Patreon you are helping support my photography and my YouTube. I have done small photo shoots for several fursuiters and one well known fursuiter known as Sayber. So to see more photo shoots and more photos in general please support! Below are some examples of my photography. Most of these pictures were taken with the kit lenses. I make do with the little bit I have! By supporting you help make the quality much better!

Most of these pictures were taken at either a fur bowl or at Anthrocon 2017. Here are some examples of the fursuit photos I take.

Here are some examples of the landscape photography I do!


Fursuit interviews?
As most of you know I have a fursuit interview series. Every interview I have done has cost me money in some form. My first interview i drive one hour one way to do and my second I had to go to a convention. My two newest (at this point are not yet public) I drove 180 miles total and 3 hours round trip to do. So as you would imagine fursuit interviews cost money. Through gas, cons, cameras, etc. So by supporting the channel you may see more interviews.

Bad Ways Series
So as most of you know I have a series where I go to social media and ask you guys to give me bad ways to do something. I enjoy doing these videos for two reasons. One being its interactive and I love doing stuff like that. Weather it be this, a qna, or dare videos. I love making videos where people have a say. And two because I am able to make people laugh with them! 

Story Time!
I love doing these as well. I love telling stories and mine tend to be entertaining. From how i got hurt, to how I messed up, to how my parents found out I am a furry! I love telling stories because my misfortune may make someone laugh!

Convention Videos
So like most furrys I go to conventions. And at those conventions I like filming. At the moment all I do is a montage of videos I took at the convention. In the future I would like to do con videos with music and stuff. As most of you know cons are not cheap and neither is equipment.

Please Support!

Why You Should Support The Channel
Now let me start by saying YOU DONT HAVE TO! That being said, if you would like to support my channel and my photography I would appreciate it so much. At the moment yes we have adds turned on for YouTube. However adds do not pay well. Also if we are able to hit certain numbers I will turn off adds! Also by supporting me you are helping the channel get significantly better and the quality of my photos get better. Also, once if I can hit a certain goal I will do youtube and photography full time. By doing youtube and photography full time I will be able to put out more regular content and will be able to do more crazy things for you guys, and be able to get mose awesome shots for you as well! So By supporting me you will help me get better things for the channel and photography. So if you would like, please support!

Thank you
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This will pay for all fees and payments I have for youtube and photography. At 250 dollars I will no longer be losing money because of YouTube and Photography.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 17 exclusive posts

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