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Digital Designs
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With this tier, you will get sent High Definition digital copies of my finished character designs and other concepts.  

HD Character Design Prints
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By supporting me with $2 a month, you will be granted my digital character designs/ concepts from raw sketches to finished designs by post. You will also have the option to have a digital copy sent by email as well. 

Personal Commissions
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Thank you so much for subscribing to this tier. With this tier, you will get your own personalised commissions whether you want me to create character designs, 5 second animations, illustrations etc. all will be done in 2K and sent to you digitally or by print. You can make 1 commission every month when subscribed to this tier. (I don't do mature content).




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About Ash Animation

A 2D and CG animator based in the UK. I create illustrations of my own and fan art but my mainly goal is to create high quality animations for my fans.
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I'll be extremely happy to reach this goal! Once we reach it, all my patreons will decide what animation you want me to create. Not only that but you all will be in my credits at the end of the animation, I don't care how many of you there will be. It could be 1000 patreons and will fit you all in the special thanks credits!
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