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All of my patrons receive advance PDF copies of my games, and have access to patrons-only posts where we discuss game design theory and I share about my personal process.

I want to increase diverse access and inclusion in our community, and so I will be working to expand interaction with you through posts, live chats, game release events, and more.



About Ash Cheshire

I make unusual games. I love designing them, and I want to share them. Your support through Patreon would help me bring more of these games to fruition so I can share them with you first and foremost, before releasing them into the world.

Some of my games are for a group, some are played with a partner, and some are played solo. I like to design a variety of game styles, and so far I've designed games ranging from large multi-table RPGs with dozens of players moving between tables, to games that are played quietly and all by one's self.

I have a list of game ideas that I'd love to turn into designs, and a number of games I've already made that I'd like to polish and make available. There are also a few games in current development.

Some games I have already shared with my patrons:

Ectogasm: A #hothorrorjam game. This game is a design hack for the physical components of the CLUE board game, about a group of ghosts haunting a dilapidated mansion, who love to prank one another with ghost hunters but are ultimately looking for the world-rocking epiphany that might be able to give them a full-apparition ectogasm; a vibrational shift so intense it just might be able to liberate their spirits from that haunted house forever.

Overdue: A collaborative storytelling game about apprentice librarians who have arrived at the Main Branch, a magical library with a copy of every magical book in all existence. The apprentices must prove their worth by collecting overdue books from some recalcitrant and possibly treacherous borrowers.

Heckin' Good Pupper: A one-or-more player game of imagination played with just 1 six-sided die (and even that is optional!). Dream up some good dogs as amazing as your wildest imagination. Great for playing with kids, dog lovers, and especially those of us lucky enough to be both.

Gods of Vengeance, Hear My Plea!: A tabletop pitch-and-bid game about some lesser-known gods who will do whatever it takes to get a decent offering.

Weasels Are ILLEGAL!: A wild and rambunctious game for 3-5 players, ‘Weasels Are ILLEGAL!’ is a collaborative storytelling game where you play a cluster of weasels in a trenchcoat and fedora, trying to make it in the world of humans without detection because... well, because weasels are illegal.

Unfamiliar: A 2-4 player contemplative, collaborative story telling game played with the assistance of a Tarot deck. Unfamiliar is about magical creatures whose Magicians abandoned them before death. These familiars have been summoned to the Land of the Dead to seek their Magician, but they must confront their part in their own story along the way.

Some games I'm currently developing:

Foreshadowing: A game about the things we casually say and do, and the consequences thereof.

Famous Last Words: A card-based storytelling game for 3-5 players, about a group of adventurers who have found themselves facing certain death and are busy doing the most important thing: arguing over who's really to blame for all of this.

Queer Eye For The Uruk-Hai: A tabletop or live-action RPG for 5-6 players. A collaborative storytelling RPG about a group of queer fantasy characters who have come together to help rehabilitate the last misunderstood survivor of a maligned and feared group, following a terrible war. It's a game about resilience and identity and building queer community through mutual care.

Some other games I've made include:

(Abyssal): A Forged in the Dark game, (Abyssal) is a game I co-designed with Ed Turner about humans who are also part-monster and live in the margins between two worlds, belonging fully to neither. The game has multiple historical settings (current setting playbooks: London 1888; Paris 1793; Las Vegas 1970), and we plan to develop more. It is a game of liminality and identity, with lots of raucous cryptids romping across world history.

I Haven't Seen You Since...: A two-player game I originally designed for Big Bad Con Kickstarter supporters, IHSYS is an improvisational conversation where the roles and history of two characters is uncovered and explored together when they meet one another again after a long time apart. An expanded and more intricate version of this game appears in the 'You & I: Role-Playing Games For Two' anthology, now available on DriveThruRPG!

Big Bad Gauntlet:
 A Fate-based multi-table game I originally created as a featured convention event for Big Bad Con, BBG is designed to be a large-scale con event where all of the tables are groups with their own GMs. The characters are all designed around a central theme (past themes: fairytale creatures, superheroes) who are being threatened by a thematically-appropriate incarnation of the Big Bad Wolf. The tables must work together and attempt to contact/connect with other tables to defeat the Wolf, all while avoiding his Agents and receiving support from rogue agent Little Red.

40 of 50 patrons
One big part of my goals for myself as a game designer is learning how to host actual play/let's play livestreams with all of you. While I work towards my next patron goal, I'm going to be learning how to stream so that when we reach 50 patrons...

I'll put up some polls with games, and I'll do some exclusive actual plays and/or let's plays for my patrons!
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