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About ashenburst

Hello! You've probably come here from my Wattpad or AO3 account, where I publish fanfiction.

Apparently, I'm slowly yet certainly gaining a fanbase..? So multiple people suggested that I make a Patreon account of my own. I was reluctant at first, but as time passed, it became a possibility I had to consider. Yes, life happened, and life was what forced me to do it.

This hobby of mine quickly became something more, and, strangely, it became more of a job than recreation. I've never thought of it that way, but here we are - I write on a daily basis, doing my best to offer quality content to readers out there. However, the reason why this account stands is completely unrelated to my writing. If you have time and patience, and even a dollar, please consider helping me out.

So why exactly did I make a Patreon?

Everything seemed well in terms of my future. Sadly, difficult times approach, and it seems like I'll be needing additional coin. In a couple of years I'll move to Germany and study Medicine there, alone. My family probably won't be able to finance the fees, as even now we're facing financial problems. My father could lose his job at any given moment (his poor health doesn't help the situation at all; he suffers from severe depression and has cardiac issues), whereas my mother is unemployed and can't find any job. My parents have been through some severe accidents during the past few months, and dare I say, those events took a toll on me, my little brother and the family budget as well. Combined with the numerous old debts we've been stuck with for quite a while now, I must admit I'm scared of what will happen next.

I live in a horrible country where only money determines one's value (the world is like this, but trust me when I say: the situation is worse here). Studying here is difficult because of the corrupted and inhumanely strict professors - and once done with studying, a doctor can find no job in this country. I loathe this, but I can't do anything about it, therefore I must adapt. Escape and start a new life somewhere else - which my family is determined to help me with.

I learn several languages (aside from Serbian, I'm fluent in German, English, French and I know Latin very well; I can understand Russian and I also know some basics of Dutch, Chinese and Italian) in hopes of leaving this place and easily finding a job. I already tutor some kids from time to time for money. I've directed myself to trying to earn a scholarship as well, but those are almost impossible to get, and I can't even hope to rely on a scholarship to fund my studies.

And as I said before, I'll have to do my best to earn money, because the future of both me and my family depends on it. I have two years to ensure my studies abroad will be possible. Until then, I'll learn, I'll write and do many side jobs for cash. All in the hopes for a better future.

I'm done and, ah, sorry and thank you for reading all of this!


I'm well aware that fanfiction belongs to the gray legal area. Therefore, what I'm asking of you is not to donate money to support my works, rather... aid my living. Thank you in advance.
I'll make sure to provide patrons with numerous unpublished works of mine, as well as experience and advice. There is no right way to write (and although I certainly can't tell you what's right and what's wrong), and my advice may not be 100% right, but I will make sure to at least supply you with some inspiration and ways how to find it.

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