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Ashes is a disabled artist and the author of Surreality, a psychological horror webcomic about the brain. Ashes’ goal as an author is to produce the best and gothest comic ever— a comic for young adults dealing with abuse and mental illness. Because of their disabilities, Ashes often struggles to balance work, self-care, and their work on Surreality. Your patronage will ease Ashes financial worry, and let them to direct their energy towards cooler and more important things.

Surreality is about a girl named Jackie who has a very inconvenient superpower. Every thought she has becomes real— whether she likes it or not. The result? An increasingly unclear delineation between Jackie’s identity, the thoughts, feelings, and memories of others, and the structure of time and space as a whole. Jackie can hardly understand the nature of her ability, much less control it. She can’t prevent reality from fluctuating around her disgruntled classmates— she can’t even stop her parents from being murdered by a potato. Meanwhile, Jackie encounters clues that hint at a nefarious conspiracy of terrifying scale.

Everyone knows that art is therapeutic. Seeing your own experiences represented in a fictional medium is a powerful experience, one that can shape a person for better or for worse. There is not a lot of constructive fiction that deals with mental illness; that which does often has little value for people whose symptoms are too violent, ugly, or antisocial to appeal to a neurotypical readership. Surreality speaks to a group that is not often addressed in art. It is an authentic and sometimes very scary narrative of mental illness that will not receive the visibility it deserves without the help and support of its existing readers.

Pledge to this Patreon, and you will get access to all kinds of fascinating information about Ashes’ artistic process and the history of Surreality, as well as cards, digital artwork, and physical drawings and paintings, all made just for you. Plus, you can help Surreality expand into other media… with enough support, you just may see the development of Surreality video trailers and games, tons of fun that would bring the message of Surreality to a still wider audience.

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