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2) Letters-to-the-Editor - Local Ashevillagers everywhere from eyewitnesses to field experts and beyond are responding to our articles.

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Hello Patreons.

My name is Kai Brenner, editor of The Ashevillager, a digital mystery narrative launched on May 8th.

As I'm sure you're aware, the New Government has censored all news surrounding the political activities of the Asheville, North Carolina uprising. Rain Foster is building her movement of rebellion, and the Hounds are terrorizing the area into a dark future of their own design.

In response, we've built a decentralized, scrambled network online to bring you the journalism that we hope will inform and galvanize—right under the New Government's nose.

But the resistance isn't our only investigation. Strange things are happening around Asheville. You've probably noticed. Objects appearing where they shouldn't. Odd noises no one can place echoing through the streets. Mass false memories. Sightings of inexplicable events (and people). The infamous "Shelley Broadcast" that's baffled every radio station from here to the FCC.

Once a week, every Wednesday, we release our findings in the section labeled "Season One." We'll be following Rain Foster, dealing with the Hounds and much more.

What's more, mysterious notes have been surfacing in Pritchard Park. As an Ashevillager Patron, you'll get exclusive access to the Pritchard Pages and juicy letters-to-the-editor every week.

Plus, we're also setting a goal. We want to expand our staff to include an additional field reporter—Zoe Roux. Doing this will allow us to post articles TWICE a week instead of just once, doubling our season. If we reach a level of $2,000 from monthly sustainers, we'll bring on Zoe and expand our ambitious little operation into something truly unique.

We're donating 20% of everything we receive to the Asheville Area Arts Council as well. They're a fantastic nonprofit supporting community-based art in, you guessed it, the Asheville area.

So come and join us. Help our movement grow. Check out The Ashevillager here.

And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out at [email protected] Thank you for all of your support, no matter what shape or size.

As you were.

- Kai
$0 of $2,000 per month
When we reach $2,000 per month, we're hiring an additional field reporter, Zoe Roux, so we can post twice weekly instead of just once. Which means our seasons will be expanded, our content that much more creative and you, dear reader, that much more connected to the strange and sensational happenings around Asheville.

Let's hire Zoe!
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