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It will be put towards subscriptions for my development toolbox and the occasional Starbucks Very Berry Refresher (I don't like coffee, but I do like juice, and late nights or early mornings sometimes require a boost lol)

If you're a Patron on this tier you will receive a basic data security audit for your accounts and password health, along with some tips on account security best practices.

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About Ashlean - Wordpress Wizard ⚯͛

Everything I do, I strive to do it with quality in mind and lifelong learning.

I've been tinkering with computers since I was very young, starting with the little Macintosh my grandparents had for me - playing games like Tetris, Checkers, Messy House (if anyone still remembers that obscure game haha), and Carmen SanDiego; to fixing computers with my dad and then I took it further and taught myself how to fix iPhones and other tech, but that's another story haha.

As I grew older, I loved helping out in my grandparents print and design shop, learning the old ways of designing posters, business cards, logos, pamphlets, you name it while listening to the nostalgic sound of the vintage Heidelberg printing thousands of sheets.

I started learning WordPress seriously, for more than just personal tinkering reasons, about 3 or so years ago and thought I could really make a difference and help small businesses in my city build and improve their websites with a professional image and security conscious platform.

Another tech aspect that's really close to my heart and very important to me is internet and data security. I integrate this practice into everything I do and especially all the websites I create and work to educate those around me about the importance of secure data practices and protection.

I enjoy finding new tools and better ways to do things and improve upon my old creations. For my websites, I try to provide a one-stop shop for complete web design, done-for-you maintenance and worry-free hosting packages and integrate the best tools I can find to offer great solutions to various business problems.

I invite you to join and support me on my learning and sharing journey!

I will be using my Patreon page to integrate with my internet/data security stuff and different web design related topics.

For those who choose to support me with monetary contributions, I want you to know that I am eternally grateful, and the money will be used to grow my knowledge base and business (quality tools are, rightfully so, quite expensive!)

You can find me online elsewhere at:

On Keybase:

On Mastodon: (This link will let you join and follow my profile on the same server as me)

Or email: [email protected]

Feel free to leave me a message on Patreon and say hello or suggest a topic you’d like to learn about from me~! ^^v
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I would love to get subscriptions to a few web design tools I’ve been eyeing for a while!

These will aid my website making escapades and allow me to streamline my workflow so I have free time to launch my internet and data security blog and start building info courses. ?
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