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About Ashley Lawless

About me:

Hi! My name is Amanda Ashley Law. aka. Ashley Lawless.

I remember when i was a kid i used to sing in the backseat of my mom's caravan quietly to myself. Whenever i got angry or frustrated, I went to my room and sang my feelings out loud. I never wanted anyone to hear me because, well.. it was my private escape. But I learned throughout the years that music is both a way to escape and connect with each other. It's both private and shared, abstract and concrete. Do you ever get that feeling in your chest when a part of a song comes on? My cheeks get warm and a chill trickles down my spine.. there's no other feeling like that. Every song touches a person differently - the smallest part of a song can hit you in such a way that only you experience. There's no bullshit in that, it's just pure feeling

I want to make you feel something.

Music has always been there for me when i needed it. It has soothed, healed, and inspired me throughout my life, and i hope i can do the same for others with my music. I want to connect with people, make them feel like they are never alone in whatever they're going through. We all go through similar motions, trying to ride the waves that life throws at us. We're in these feels together. 

My mom always told me that God gave me a gift and i should share it with the world. After years of people (and my own inner voice) telling me to pursue music, i've finally gained the courage to do it. I quit my full-time job to put my time and energy into making
My very FIRST EP "CELESTIAL GIRL" & I can't wait to share it with all of you!

I made this page to connect us, and create a safe place of appreciation and support. I've been told by many of you that my music has helped you relax, sooth your soul, inspire  - and I am so so so happy to have been able to do that for you! I want to continue to do this for as long as I can, connecting us through music. It is from your constant support that I am excited to take this path. I hope that you can give a little, to help a lot. Thank you for your support :)     

Much love, Ash.

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