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is creating streamer content on Mixer and I create Dark ASMR videos
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About Asian Robot

Hi there everyone and welcome to Word of Chen.

At Word of Chen we produce, Gaming LiveStreams, Poetry LiveStreams, Poetry, Creepypasta Readings, Horror Roleplays, Acapella Song Covers. Honestly, we do a wide variety of things and most of the time I wear a mask just to make it even more fun for the people watching. So come and enjoy what we do, see what we do and if you like us, support us. We've made the donations really cheap so almost everyone can contribute

So I hope you'll join me on this journey and enjoy all the extra goodies that I offer on Patreon.
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When we get to $10 a month, I will give every early Patreon a shout-out regardless of the amount donated. I will keep your names up for about a week
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