Misa Chien

is creating Video Podcast Interviewing Successful Asian Americans




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About Misa Chien

What is the secret behind the success of Asian Americans? 

What makes them have a household median income 39% higher than the average American? 

What secret has brought Asian Americans to become the "model minority"?

In Misa Chien's YouTube Show, Asian Tiger, she will address these questions, by providing in-depth interviews with some of the most successful Asian American leaders in the United States today.  

About Misa Chien:  After graduating from UCLA (go Bruins!), Misa co-founded a food truck known as Nom Nom Truck. With this business, she dove head first into running a business 24/7, everywhere from surviving a reality TV show, to serving a hungry line of 500+ customers within only 2 hours. When running this business she learned one thing-- although entrepreneurship might look easy from the outside, from the inside it can be a tough road. Since co-founding Nom Nom Truck, Misa has continued her passion for entrepreneurship and marketing by building several other brands in the software space, as well as becoming one of the top paid petite models in the United States. In this interview, Misa will share her expertise on how to build a company and a brand from the ground up, based on her expertise on founding several 7 figure companies over the last 10+ years.