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About Ben Nijhoff, Md, CEO.

I work daily on providing you with a better and better guide to The Peoples Republic of China; that is not only its grandiose Capital Beijing but any odd place you may want to visit or know more about. Covering all of China Impossible? Let's try and see how far we can get !!

Since, the year 2002 i have been traveling through China, studying Chinese subjects and writing stories, backgrounds and reviews about it all for you, in so doing creating what has by now become quite the detailed and unqiue guide to the Peoples Republic of China and parts of a few surrounding Nations. The Ultimate goal is to provide you with the ultimate self guided tour of China and Asia, to be available on your laptop or mobile device anywhere in the world.
If had not seen our website already, and are not familiar with DrBen or - Please do browse our posts on this page for a brief introduction to the highlights and main achievements, so far. As such a massive undertaking as this is "never"complete, a lot of our projects are ongoing. Which is why at this time, DrBen must ask for monthly donations.

Since its first day of operations in the year 2002 and over the last 14 years has been available for FREE !! , which meant that anyone anywhere in the world no matter fortunate or unfortunate could use our website not merely for the pleasurable experiences of travel but more importantly for self education, research, and also the expansion of the mind regardless of local or personal limitations. Our intentions are firmly to keep it  this way.

Yes, so far, DrBen has been able to pay his and your way by operating in the stock market and selling various products internationally. We had a good 10 years with a growing international crowd appreciating our various maps, stories, photos and the like, especially over the last 2 years gaining us a small Community of avid followers, Fans and often even friends.
However, having seen years of economic crisis and not much help along the way, DrBen finds himself in a bind: even he is near out of options. Or so it seems ...
With no Government to back us, no subsidies or even sponsorship, and the European Union possibly falling apart on us our budget for exploring China and retelling its correct history and cultural information has dwindled to below minimal. Surely, one need not count on the Chinese Government for help. On the contrary.
Sadly, although we have plenty of stories to tell you and the world public, in this year 2015  the fact of the matter is; unless the sunshine returns we are quite possibly looking at a disappointing shutdown before we even got off the ground with most of our plans. Therefor, for the first time in well over a decade DrBen has to call upon your help.

Please become a Patron of the Arts! You can support us for the minimum sum of 50 cents, which if everything goes well is really all we need to ask of you.
Any additional funds are welcome, of course.

Ps: Just because as one can tell from the above summary DrBen is not comfortable with what in his views still amounts to professional begging, you will find that anyone can support us for a direct return. A Trade if you will.
Please Shop in our Online Stores. You can do so at any time, even anonymously, by simply: 1) clicking banners on site (Google Ads), and/or 2) Downloading one of DrBen's Photofiles (for print) at the Asia Report Photo Store (see Index Page and menu's of all other pages) and  3) Ordering a book, video or other travel related product through the (various) online stores also advertized on our site.
Just think of it this way - ANY purchase in any of our Stores means a reward to you for your welcome support !
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Have you visited but were turned off by the ancient system and various technical glitches?
We would really like to make our website and all maps available to you on any Mobile Platform. However, with 2365 pages to transfer / convert, we need an absolutely unique system. Luckily, finally it has arrived. PAGECLOUD!
Please view this video and donate for us to buy the PageCloud system. or $ 240 a year you can set us to work on site conversion and further perfection. This will include tons of new technologies !! Please Donate, even 50 cents will make us happy.
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