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Peace and Great Rising Fellow Patreons! My name is A'ishah, and Welcome to the Asiatic Traveler Art Page ! Come take a glimpse in my Portal !

The art work that I create is not of this world,it is of a new world that manifests into an existence each milli-second within my mind;True Freedom speaks through Art, and I will show you.

The type of art work that I will create is of a world of Peace of Mind where there is only growth and evolution, and it is a great mirror reflection of my heart. 

A grand Kingdom of little Gods under The Supreme Being. I would like to give you a glimpse of My Kingdom that I am building.

The art work that I create is from within the mind and the flow of the pen and pencil in my hand. Sometimes i know what I am going to draw and other times i just let my pencil guide me into a vision and build on ideas, and when the vivid art work comes to life it is eye opening and awe inspiring !

Please join me on this great endeavor to see what a truly peaceful world  can be, and will be called into existence....Within the Mind.... 

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A Seed of Tiers
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  Thank you so much for taking the pledge to step into my portal ! For joining on this creative journey! When you step into a portal the emotion that you carry is going to be that same energy that you will receive on the other side of that portal, it is important that you carry a good positive energy so you can receive it back. In this reward you will receive: 


Membership to join the Asiatic Traveler Patreon Page !

 A Mystery Gift !

 Shout out Message of Gratitude! 

Access to Join the Patreon Community Page !

Mandala Drawing made just for you to say thank you !(Digital Art)

Manifesto Tier
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I give thanks for all the support that you have given while helping to create a new World of Abundant Light  through imagination and manifestation ! 

Manifestation is what you call into existence, it can bring either good or bad, and all you have to do is call it . Be Careful of this power you hold, and wise with what you do with it .

 In  the Manifesto Tier I Offer:

 Art Commission (Digital Art) 

 Shout out Message of Gratitude!

  Invitation to the Patron-only Posts!

3 Printed posters of any original art drawn from my gallery

Elevation Tier
Limited (10 of 10 remaining)
per month
In the Elevation of knowledge in knowing who you are and  what you are placed on this planet to do in the the name of Good ; Your purpose is fulfilled each step taken to your Greatest Self , and in stepping closer to who your are , you are becoming free.

In this Tier you shall have and receive: 

All Rewards from Previous Tiers !!!!

A Printed T-Shirt of 1 of any choice art pieces in the art gallery.


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When I reach for 500 patrons, With all of your generous support, I will be able to upgrade on tools to create better high-quality Art for you! To also create videos of time-lapse for art projects  and create better rewards for you.
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