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About Andrew Sides

Hello! I'm Andrew Sides and I'm a fantasy and horror illustrator based out of Florida. For a long while I've had several projects on the backburner - pulp tales of mexican wrestlers, Harlem Renaissance wizards, a visual companion to The Scar, to name a few - but with time being the way it is, it's always difficult to chip away at these things when other, more immediate projects come into focus and as a result these end up languishing, gathering dust.

That's where your help comes in!  By supporting me on Patreon, you're giving me the ability to devote more time to explore these rabbit trails and see if they lead anywhere and as an added bonus, you get to help by offering input on things when I'm at a crossroads.  I really think one of these little projects can blossom into something interesting and I'd like you to join me on that journey.

A lot of this patreon will be me exploring things and seeing where these trails lead, and because of that I'm keeping tiers low for now to keep things manageable, but as stuff starts to pull into sharper focus and I get more comfortable using patreon, I plan to expand out the tiers a bit to include more rewards for people that have been supportive of the exploration.  Thanks for stopping by!
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