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About Jeff Williams and Slim

If you’re new here, Welcome my friend. I am Jeff Williams along with my friend Slim and together we are here to teach you how to Find Gold . If you have seen any of our videos on Youtube then you know that we love making video explaining the complex World of Gold Mining ...both above and below ground.
We are always looking for more ways to give you all the info you need to stay on top of your goals of finding Gold and with your support we can continue to do that.
If we can meet our goal every month, then me and Slim will be able to make even more videos that will help you find the Shiney including Product Reviews and " In the Field " training vids.
Plus we need your support so we can continue to maintain and grow our mining claims  to host our 3 day Gold mining tours on that you will be able to go to with us and learn valuable hands on skills while keeping all the Gold you Find.
When you show your support by making a pledge, you are helping us continue the fight to keep our mining heritage alive and prevent it from becoming banned across America.
By making your pledge,you are helping us to" Keep the Dream Alive " for future generations and by doing so you will make Gold Mining Great again.
Sound good to you . We thought so too. So you know what I am gonna say huh.........
So C'mon ....Lets Go !!!!.

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Do you know what it is like to find Gold , either in a River, a Dry Wash or in an Old Abandoned mine.
The rush and excitement of finding your own Gold is like no other feeling in the World.
We want everyone to have that same feeling too and with your monthly support we can do that.
How , may you ask... well with your monthly support we can continue to maintain and purchase new mining claims that will give people just like you , the opportunity to " Find Gold " and have the experience of a lifetime.
We do this by setting up 3 day Gold mining trips on the claims that buy so that people will have the opportunity to learn valuable skills from the " hands on training "  course that we offer.
By doing this, they will have the necessary skills to find Gold on their on and in doing so the can pass this information on to the next generation .
With your monthly support we can do that and together we can   " Keep the Dream Alive "

So C'mon. Let's Go !!!
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