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I will be using at least one trigger of your choice in one of my videos every month. Your name will also appear in the video and in the title description( unless you dont want it to). Thank you so much =D
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I will be using 3 of your favorite triggers once a month. Your name will appear in the video and in the description(unless you dont want to). Thank you so much!! =D
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As a Earl you will control my actions for one 25 minute video once a month. Your name will be mentioned at the start of the video and your name will be in the description(Unless you dont want to) Thank you so much! =D




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About ASMR Nordic

Hello Guys!
My name is Jonas and I am the creator of the ASMR Nordic Channel on Youtube. I try to upload at least 3 times a week. Until now I have uploaded 60+ videos. 

I work as an assistant at the local elementary School and I also work part time retail. None of these jobs unfortunately gives very good income. I am going to school in the weekends to become a child and youth worker. 

The main reason for making this petreon was to support another ASMrtist that invited me. The second one is that my income it not good enough for me to give you the best possible experience on the screen. I would really like to get my hands on a higher quality camera which is more portable than the one I have( a wired webcam). Later if possible I also want to invest in higher quality sound gear. 3dio, and tascam  would both be good investments.

I am a gamer at heart so that will probably show in at least some of my videos. Controller tapping, Keyboard sounds, game reviews and such are part of my favorite videos. Even so I am going for a wide variety of sounds on my channel. Examples are Tapping, Crinkles, Liquid sounds, Sticky Sounds Roleplays and much more.

Even if the channel is pretty fresh I have followed the ASMR and binaural videos community grow for over 10 years. Creators that has inspired me to make my own channel after all these years is Heather feather, ASMR request, Ephemeral Rift, Fredsvoice, GhettoASMR and last but not least, the one and only Raffy Taphy ASMR. The last mentioned was bringing a new kind of asmr videos to the table. The sounds was faster and more crazy. At first I was thinking to myself " what the hell is this ", but after a little while I was back for more. It really shows how wide the genre of ASMR can be.

After this I seriously began  thinking about making my own channel. Unfortunatley I lacked the confidence at the time. So another few years went by with me only watching the videos. Then I was at the local electronics retailer shop one day, looking for a game when I suddely cam over something I had seen before. It was the Blue yeti wich I had been seeing in Raffy`s videos. I didn`t have the money to buy it that day and I cryed inside when I had to leave it, but it didn`t take to many days before it was standing in my livingroom. I never looked back :).

As you hopefully can tell I am really passionate about ASMR and I really love making videos for you guys. That is not something that will change without donations. Sure it would help me with bringing you guys a better quality product, but my passion for making videost is not likely to change.

Thank you so much for taking your time to read this! I really appreciate all of you. You guys are awesome!
 - Nordic out
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I will be able to buy small items and props for my videos.

I will be making "Thank you" video where I will mentioning all the patrons =D
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