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About Asra Q. Nomani

Dear Friend,

On January 23, 2002, the trajectory of my life changed. On that day, as I stood outside a home I had rented in Karachi, Pakistan, I had been a reporter for the Wall Street Journal reporter for over a decade. That late afternoon, a flock of parrots overhead, I waved goodbye to my colleague and friend, Danny Pearl, his wife, Mariane, beside me, as Danny departed for an interview from which he did not return.

Five weeks later, we learned Danny had been murdered by extremists, acting in the name of my faith, Islam. My path transformed from a traditional news reporter to an investigative reporter, dedicated to exposing and challenging the ideology of extremism in Islam and advocating for an Islam of grace.

In the 15 years since, I have tapped my skills as a writer, public speaker and investigative journalist to advocate for an interpretation of Islam that promotes peace, human rights -- including women's rights -- and secular governance.

These are some of the projects I plan to realize with your support:

  • Publish an Asra Investigates online magazine with original content investigating issues of women's rights, terrorism and current events, including "What the Fatwa" (online database of progressive interpretations of Islam) and "Bearing Witness" (a feature of Muslims and others speaking truth to power)
  • Develop Asra Investigates video channel and podcast 
  • Develop the Asra Foundation, a nonprofit organization to support the Muslim Reform Movement, with initiatives including: the Rabia Project to support sexual assault victims of ISIS and Islamic extremism; a speaking tour and critical thinking curriculum called, Honoring Islam with Difficult Questions.
  • Publish a book on my investigative reporting related to Islam and launch a discussion tour. I have a contract with St. Martin's Press.
  • Realize the ideas and projects that you envision for a better world! 
Thank you again for your support, for caring about our world and for supporting my work in the world. 

With gratitude

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