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Hello Hello,
I'm a Dutch not-in-soil grown, primarily self-taught, monkey artist painting purely digital since 2011.
That's the short story at least.

Primarily making Fan Art around My Little Pony! Thanks to all the support I'm able to continue trying to bring these characters to life and hone my skill in art to apply on other characters, creatures or concepts as well!

I regularly do streams, and make almost all my art in them. So I can share the process with everyone, both the great and awful embarrassing parts. As long as its also entertaining right?!

Be sure to also check my Deviantart upload descriptions for the Work In Progress images. I have them for almost every piece, available for everyone!

That's what this Patreon makes possible, to keep honing my craft and sharing it with all of you, whether you just like art, a beginning artist or more experienced. I hope I'll have some interesting, useful, or motivating for everyone.
Thank you everyone for the continued support and making my art possible.
$393 of $400 per month
This amount will cover most of my monthly costs, allowing me to be more flexible with my time and invest in the necessary things to keep art going. Being able to save up for necessary hardware, and build up a reserve emergency fund to make sure trouble doesn't impede creation
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