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Hi!  I'm Matthew Ward, comic creator and artist.  I'm assuming, since you're here, you've seen some of my work and liked what you saw.  I'm currently working on a comic called, The Assault of Laughter, which is a comedic look at day-to-day weirdness....with some other odd things tossed in.  

I've been making comics since I can remember.  Hopefully, a lot of the early stuff is buried in a dark hole somewhere.  I'm making the attempt to lighten up people's days with my silly drawings and gags, maybe getting you to chuckle a little.

The comic is free.  That's the way most webcomics work.  So what's with PATREON?  Well, it takes a lot of time, effort and even supplies to create comics.  As a someone who does a lot of freelance work, the jobs that pay take priority.  Patreon gives fans a chance to move the comic up the priority chain.  All PATREON funds go to sustaining and encouraging the strip.  I would love to make this full time, but, in the short term, at least make it sustainable.

So what's in it for you?  I mean, I already said the comic was free, right?  Darn, shouldn't have played that card so soon...
Ok, here's the deal.  I'll sweeten the pot a little.  Depending on how much you support the strip, I'll make special rewards available.  These will include things like a "Thanks!", early access to strips, comic drawing live stream/recordings, behind-the-scenes material, recognition, possibly even tangible art.
Plus, you get updates on any important events related to the strip.

The support levels range from a little to a lot.  Pick your poison, cancel anytime.
Thanks for enjoying and supporting my art and The Assault of Laughter.
$0 of $250 per month
When I hit $250 per month, I'll do a question and answer podcast (or comic) each month.
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