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About Kim Kulling, AssetImporter-Contributor

Hi, my name is Kim Kulling. I am the the core-maintainer and the teamlead of the Asset-Importer-Lib, a library which helps you to import and export all the asset-formats for game-dev ou have ever heard from ( like Blender, Collada, FBX, IFC, Obj, ... ). Assimp will help you to import the asset, process the data for your specal use-case and as a bonus to export it to some file formats in you own application. All these can be done by using a simple to use API for C/C++, .NET, Java or Python.

At the moment assimp is able to read more than 40 file-formats ( you can find a complete list here: ) on most of the common platforms linke Windows, Linux, MacOS , Androing, IPhone, Raspberry-Pi and many more.

I like what I am doing, but it is a time-consuming task, which I do mostly doring the night next to my day-job. If you like what I am doing it would be really great to get some support via Patreon.

So thanks to all the Patreons, supporters, bug-reporters, pull-request-providers and users of the Asset-Importer-Lib out there. This library was build by you and it is a pleasure for me to help the community getting this better!
$75 – reached! per month
Publish a database to provide OS-assets. The earnings will be used to pay for the infrastructure / bandwidth to ensure a working download bandwidth.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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