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About A Stranger's Voice

Yes, yes, I am very good at podcasting (samples below) , but let's be honest, I am simply not going to do them on a regular basis if I am not getting paid.  SO, if you kick in some dough, I will make with the entertaining podcasts one a weekly basis and rant and vent about my own problems as well as giving brilliant insight on current events of all sorts.  Think of it as giving me a tip, or paying me for advice, insight, or saying out loud what you thought but didn't want to say.  You pay, I'll run my mouth and take the slings and arrows.

If you are new to A Strangers Voice...below are samples shows.  (click link after descriptions to play)

"Romance of the Damned" After describing an unorthodox plan for making sure next winter is not so depressing, Doug wanders into the horrific land of online dating and describes what is available to him in his area. “This is like the online dating site of Dr. Moreau”. We also learn his juvenile nature has possibly put his life in danger. How about you just shut up?  A frank one way discussion of the pain and circumstances that surround suicide


"How about you just shut up?"  A frank one way discussion of the pain and circumstances that surround suicide.  Insightful biting and educational.

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The goal is to get all you freeloaders who have been heretofore getting free entertainment to kick in a few dollars..thus keeping my interest in doing this on a regular basis.  The more you all kick in..the more podcasts we will put out...up to three a week.
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