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im broke (but I love u)
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For all my broke gorls out there i see you!!!! 🗣🗣🗣 

We all have our own financial strife so I want to make this accessible and low commitment for people out there struggling. 

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For all my gorls who are fans of astrology but not ready for high committment! this tier will give you access to forecast updates + tips/guides and audio clips 

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for all my future astrologers out there!! this tier will give you access to all the astrogrl features PLUS video tutorials, powerpoints and handouts. You will be allowed to ask me TWO questions per month as well. 




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About astrogrlz

WARNING: I'm not the best at introductions. My name is Tess but you may know me as ASTROGRLZ. I'm a queer astrologer, content creator, and a college student working towards a Bachelors in Women Studies and Political Science. Being involved in astrology for four years, I've been given the pleasure to work with so many tender, diverse, and beautiful people. I hope my patreon can be a silver lining for individuals that may feel lost in the complexities and chaos of this world. I want to reiterate: you are never alone and astrology is proof of that. Yes, we are bodies floating through space and time, occupying heavy precarity as we approach a post-post capitalist world but we are human and we deserve love and comfort too. By joining my patreon, you will get exclusive insights on which self care methods + tips are right for you. This will include: audio clips, thinkpieces, and daily forecasts. If you are leaning more on the student side then don't worry! I'll also provide tutorials and mini lessons throughout the month + power points if I'm feeling my creative juices. 

As a college student I hope to support myself through precarity via this page. If you dig my content on twitter then you will DIG my content on patreon. But I want to also make this accessible to all, so by a minimum of $2 per month you will have access to guides + tips that can get you on the right path and live the life you're meant to live. 

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