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Astrophel Nought is the multi-dimensional alter-ego of Matt, an Astrophysicist and Educator with a passion for spreading knowledge and understanding of the universe through the medium of talks and discussions with a real-life audience of free-thinking people, through independent research and, the production of scientific papers using a multi-disciplinary approach.

As an Astrophysicist, it's natural to be drawn toward the big questions, those that some might term fundamentals of physics, such as: "What happened before the Big Bang?" or "If a particle can be in two places at once, where does the gravity act?". In my personal quest to make sense of such notions, I began to look at the way other cultures and societies throughout the ages had dealt with these ideas and how they had subsequently formed their cultural cosmologies. Thus began a journey, one which I am still undertaking, through the complexities of cultures from Siberia, the Amazon, India, the Caucasus, Mongolia, Pakistan and many more, learning increasing amounts about their integration with nature and the wider environment.

Specifically, I am interested in how the cosmologies and cosmographies of these cultures were formed and how they tie in with the heterotopies and heterochronies in the every day life of the people, as well as in the condensate practices, centred in the tradition we would broadly term Shamanism.

Through extensive independent research, I have written two scientific papers that I have presented at conferences throughout Europe, the most recent being in Prague, Czech Republic and Berlin, Germany, University of London, UK, The University of Granada, Spain Madrid, Spain, London and Hastings, UK.

My theories have gained increasing momentum, in part due to their resonance with the zeitgeist of our time, namely one of developing societal methods for traversing climate change. Also due to the fact that there are lessons from ancient cultures, relevant today, about the way that these people chose to leave their advanced urban centres, to return to more connected lifestyles, exploring new ways of being within themselves, their communities and nature.

Due to the momentum of these theories, and the interest I've had concerning speaking engagements, I've decided to invite you to join in helping me to propagate these ideas and theories to a wider audience.

What I'm offering you is the chance to explore the depths and psyche of ancient cultures and societies and to have direct influence upon the way that talks are organised.

With your support
I will be able to afford to organise more talks and even come to a location near you to give a talk or speak at a conference, publish a new piece of writing, podcast or scientific paper, which will be directly delivered to you as a follower of my work.

Patreon is an incredible way to allow you, the public to get involved directly with content creators that are of interest to you.

It's like tailor making your own media channels, except as one of my patrons, you'll also get the chance to help make events happen so you can discuss things with as part of an audience, in real-time, in real-life!

Patreon has the facility to allow you to decide whether you contribute to a particular cause once, or feel that you are able to give a little every month in order to contribute to content creation and conference organisation. It's about bringing people together to grow knowledge and promote alternatives to the usual academic

The more you donate the more time I'll be to dedicate solely to the production of content, conferences, research and writing. This means that you have the flexibility to decide dependent upon how much you can afford to contribute.

This is a not-for-profit endeavour, but rather a means of allowing like-minded and intellectually curious persons to manifest occasions through their interest. This means that all the money generated by Patreon will go towards such items as: flights, accommodation, registration, hiring of venues, cost of publication, among the likely outgoings.

That's the beauty of becoming a patron, you can choose your level of engagement with the content creator and so influence the frequency of output from that creator! You'll also get thanked for the help you've given and other perks dependent upon the goal reached.

As a patron, what you'll get in return will range from:

  • Entry into the patron’s only feed and Facebook group.
  • Topic suggestions for my YouTube videos, articles, and podcasts and future talks.
  • Ability to pitch me questions or areas of interest that I can answer within the talk itself.
  • Access to patron-only, unreleased content, pre-sale tickets and early-bird event notifications.
  • Exclusive materials to delve deeper into the nuanced corners of these ancient cultures.
  • Inclusion in special online meet ups.
  • The ability to privately converse with me about all those questions you might want answered.
  • A variety of other tidbits, behind the shenanigans and much more.

As an introduction to one of my theories and to see me in action, I've included one of my recent talks, from Prague, in June 2018, free of charge below. This should help you get an idea of the kinds of topics I'll be talking and writing about.

I hope after watching this that you'll want to know more and so consider donating or becoming a patron.

Many thanks for your time.

Take care


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Do I have to pay in US Dollars?
NO - Pay in any currency! As this is a US-based website, everything is written in dollars, but you can use any currency and it will be automatically converted.

What if I can't commit financially every month? You can choose to donate whenever you wish, for a particular event, or piece of content as often as you like.

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When I reach $50 per month, I'll start a new podcast series where Patrons can decide upon the topic of the week to be discussed.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
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