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Personalized energies for the next month
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This Tier is for those who want a detailed description of their transits for the period ahead and for the New or the Full Moon closest to the consultation. 

Before each New and Full Moon, I will draw a Sabian Symbol card for you which will be the theme of the next 2 weeks! We will discuss it privately and find its special meaning.

10% discount for any astrology consultation or Astro jewelry order. 

A Big Thank You and endless gratitude ! 

Your transits for the next period
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I will study your astrological energies for the next period to know ahead which are the planets gifts for your life direction. You will receive the interpretation as an A4 booklet so you can take it easy with you whenever you feel to read a piece of cosmic inspiration. Also, I will send you an e-mail with the pdf format. 

The Bracelet/ Pendant Tier
per month

Astrojewelry. Your astral map as a pendant or bracelet. Why it is special? Because it is your unique blueprint, a once in a lifetime symbol of your special place in the Universe. 

Together with the pendant or bracelet, you will receive a pdf of your natal birth chart. The jewelry comes in two material options : bronze or silver. The bronze tier is 55 euro and the silver tier is 65euro. 




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About Astroprinted33

Hello and welcome!
My journey so far can be described as cycling periods of time in which I've undressed slowly layers of Ego towards my inner Self. With awareness, I embrace changes as parts of a lifetime process. I practice regularly Ashtanga yoga and meditation which are helping also in overcoming false attitudes and real fears. 
I have learned that the more I stop and listen to the voice Within the more clear I hear the sound of my true Self and the right journey direction.
In 2015, I have started my Astrology path by studying Psychological astrology with the Huber school. In the same time, I have continuously read and educated myself through astrology, spirituality and psychological books.
I have decided to share with you my knowledge and passion for discovering the Cosmic energies underlying our actions, minds, and bodies.
I offer astrology readings based on personalized readings and an intuitive approach of the natal birth charts. 
I follow monthly the Lunar cycle, New and Full Moon significance and how setting intentions makes a difference in our everyday mentality. 
I also design unique astrology natal map jewelry as wearable symbols of Universe diversity.

Join the Cosmic Vibe!! 

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My goal is to offer plenty of my time studying your astrology charts in parallel with learning and continuing my studies. 
In supporting my work you are making a huge contribution in realizing one of my dreams - to help and heal others with the power of positive energy.
The soul invested in this project I hope will help me make a way of living also. 
Thank you Infinite times for your trust and joy of life!

I would love also to be able to material sustain the jewelry idea by affording to buy a 3D printer with which to prototype in my workplace the jewelry designs. 
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