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 If you're not a mapper or don't really need help with hitsounds, but you like my work and just want to see me making more hitsounds and improving my skills:  

You are an Aspirant Listener ! Having a patron here means a lot for me and it will motivate me with my work ! Patrons in this tier will have a special place: In my heart and on the osu! patreon box, its a box with everyone that believe or believed in me when they became my Patrons.  

They will also have access to my Patron's Server, a place where I will share all of my hitsounding works !  

For now, this is all I can do for you, but I hope in the future we can improve the Tiers with more variety ! 

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About Ataraxia

Hello and Welcome !

My name is Fábio but you can call me Ataraxia. Im an osu! mapper, but specifically known for making hitsounds.

Often I play osu! with the beatmap's custom hitsounds enabled because I want to feel the best experience of playing a map and hitsounds are an important part of that experience. Thats why I have a lot of care for hitsounds I make on maps, even if some players don't usually play with them enabled.

And because of that I decided to create a Patreon, I want to improve my abilities and share that with everyone that also like my work.
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with this goal, My next hitsound project will be a Instrumental style, with multiple Cymbals and drum-tom.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post