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About ATCB

Hello darling. We are ATCB, and we make videos happen on the internet. Specifically here, and specifically game stuff. Video games, board games, tabletop roleplaying games. Anything as long as it's game-shaped, really. We create casual, intimate Let's Plays and discussions. How exciting and unique! No one else does this and if they say they are they're a filthy liar. Don't listen to them. Come with us. Sit in this chair. It's lovely and comfy.

We'd be delighted and thankful if you watched our stuff, enjoyed it and maybe even dropped us some hard-earned cash as support.

Where That Sweet, Sweet Green Goes:

Priority #1: Channel expenses, when applicable. Hosting fees for sites, accounts etc.

Priority #2: Equipment! As we expand and improve, lots of this is required. Some of this is things that it'd be nice to have for a higher production value. Better lighting, a greenscreen. But mostly it's just more games. We don't get many gratis, though we will always tell you when we do.

Priority #3: Wages, basically. We'd love to do this full-time but as of now none of us have carried out a successful bank heist or money laundering scheme. So Patreon it is.
$28 of $100 per month
Secure some extra fundamental equipment for tabletop recording - lighting and a greenscreen are currently at the top of our list!
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