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About AtheismTV

AT THIS MOMENT THE CHANNEL IS DORMANT due to health issues of two of our colleagues. We plan to find new collaborators and re-open the channel. Stay tuned.


We at AtheismTV are producing quality original videos to both inform and entertain Atheists. Our star show , The Infidel; News for the Damned is a daily news show for Atheists. We cover news from all around the world, which typically is not covered by the US media. We also have several other shows, including Sye Ten Atheist (comedy) and My Deconversion (interviews), spoof movie trailers, conferences, and much more.

Currently the totality of our crew is volunteers. We do what we do because we like it, not to make a buck. Your contribution will mainly be used to pay for Web hosting, and promotion. We also want to do contests.

Our long term goal is to broadcast on real TV. We have a  plan to achieve this, but this is very expensive.
$2 of $25 per video
A good Web hosting service is not cheap. So far we've been trying to collect the money ourselves but with little success. As a patron of our site you'll help ensure our presence on the Internet.
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