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About A Tired Heroine

I'm Sofia. I'm an eighteen-year-old queer gal living in Los Angeles. I am fiercely passionate about intersectional feminism, progressive political action and activism, creating inclusive publishing spaces, and intersectionalizing (made-up word, yes) the literary canon. Being equally consumed by a myriad of restless passions, it's sometimes (always) difficult to somehow remember how to reconnect with <g>myself</g> and have a space to see how all of the "<g>mes</g>" that exist can interact with one another. I make a lot of zines because they are, to me, the most effective and multifaceted way of figuring this all out, somehow. To be frank, I am sometimes ambitious beyond my own logic and endurance- so here I am, world. All this is me and that's okay. All in all, what do I want? I want this world to be a place where teenage girls feel capable and able of being exactly who they are, unapologetically, safely, and without overwhelming self-doubt. I want to write people awake. Your donation supports all of that.