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You're helping out and I can't thank you enough, any contribution unlocks all rewards. 




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I see Patreon as a way to help realize my ideas and have my viewers help me.

As a dude from a country with very low average salaries, I aim to bring you content that is up to par with the standards of any Creator from The US, Canada or UK. 

And that's where you come in. You'll help me create every video, provide the financial and emotional support that will keep my channel through the inevitable ups and downs, we'll have our little weirdo community and we'll love it. 

Rewards for Patrons will be slim, so that people who don't have the means to help don't help left out. Most of the Patreon stuff will be editing studies, polls for future content as well as a Patron tag on my Discord server (which will be opened after enough people express interest).
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Since I commission an artist for every thumbnail, this will help cover those expenses.
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