Atom Basham

is creating monsters, misfits, and other assorted figments

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I'm a Chicago-based illustrative artist, most often specializing in character painting and drawing. As evidenced by my extensive portfolio, I have an entire world inside my head that I put across well enough in my paintings and sculpture, but more than anything I'd really love to be able to afford to take some time off to write children's books featuring the dozens upon dozens of characters I’ve created over my career. Presently, I'm working in my studio about 16 hours a day to finish my regular projects, which can exhaustingly take up most of my time, but if I can successfully market myself and my work as a legitimate investment, I'm sure I could actually squeeze in an extra couple days in the week to finally produce the books I've had stuck in my head for several years now.

My first goal though is a large scale printer that I think would be ideal for reproducing my work. With it, I'll be able to produce prints of my art on demand, and I'll be able to offer up individual prints or print sets as rewards for my Patreon supporters. This is a bit of an experiment at the moment, so we'll see how it goes, but if successful, I'd like to also eventually offer up original artwork rewards, commission projects, even apparel, if I can manage to get my t-shirt printing plan off the ground (another personal goal). For the moment, rewards all depend on a bit on my reaching my first goal within the next couple of months, so please be patient as I attempt to turn my art career into something amazing to permanently scar your children with

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